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My husband and I didn't have children, we had a restaurant. For twelve and a half years we poured body and soul into Cleonice Mediterranean Bistro. We worked closely with local farmers, fishermen, and food artisans, doing our best to support our local community. We made great friends, beautiful food, and had a lot of fun. As Rich and I rediscover ourselves as our own beings outside of the all-consuming restaurant we have time to share our recipes and reminisce about Cleonice.

The Two Best Ways to Roast Garlic

Smear it on some crusty bread, whip it into a vinaigrette, use it as a white pizza sauce. Roasted Garlic is delicious and simple, a great addition to your recipe arsenal. Cleonice’s white bean dip gets its rich flavor from roasted garlic. When you roast garlic you get a sweet, nutty, gentle garlic flavor. Because the garlic cooks and caramelizes without […]